Week 8: Proc Gen

  • what are the four (4) categories of prototypes?
    • Role, Look and Feel, Implementation, and Integration. 

  • what's the difference between example 2 and example 3?
    • Example 2 focuses on Look and Feel, while example 3 has placed it in the environment it will be played in as well as how it will be played (the buttons on the side) and therefore focuses on implementation. 

  • what type of prototype is example 7, and why?
    • While focusing on the role and look and feel in this model, it is actually integrated because of the multiple aspects mixed with the ability to produce a large response from viewers/testers .

  • what type of prototype is example 10, and why?
    • Number 10 is look and feel since they were only trying to see how the size and weight of the ‘laptop’ worked for an active person. 

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