Week 7: Post-mortem

RunBun was inspired off of my experiences getting my bunny, Kashi to exercise. Right after I got her, getting her to play outside was like children and baths. It was impossible to get her there, then once there it was impossible to get her to come back inside. Therefore, in the game you play as Kashi, a small hyperactive zooming bun evading its owner to get as many snacks as possible without getting picked up and brought back inside. 

The game is much smaller than originally intended, but somehow it works fine for the time. For a small game I think the low poly models meshed well, yet it did constrict me in some of the models (the bushes) since making a texture for them that fit the rest of the game was not working out (it was just very ugly), and the ones online were too realistic for the feel of the game.
I feel a little bad for being the looming enemy of the game, but it does make the gameplay experience more rushed and fun so I think it payed off for the game. 

I had originally wanted to make a very small animation for the beginning of the game of Kashi bouncing across the screen eating small snacks like pac man, and a little later me running after her on a loop. I might add this in later since I think it would give a little bit more context. But that’s just for flavor. If I had more time I would really just focus on expanding the mechanics, adding a time based dash bar, fixing the jump to make the area more dynamic, and perhaps even changing the base to make it a procedurally generated runner where the snacks spawn randomly. And if I didn’t go down that route, then just make the backyard bigger, more fleshed out with some more models, and even adding different levels. Kashi in the backyard, then the kitchen, then my bedroom or something of that note. However that would be a lot of models so we’ll see. 


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