Week 4: Miderm Plan

Concept: A game that will revolve around my experiences when I first got my bunny Kashi. The game will be set in a backyard and involve the player(Kashi) getting into as much trouble as possible before being picked up and taken inside. 


  • Running will be faster on grass than on gravel
  • The player will win if they are able to collect a predetermined number of carrots/treats
  • Getting into mud puddles/running through piles of leaves will lead to a bonus score
  • Jumping is a thing (on pots/chairs)

As a stretch I would like to add a boost that works on a timed meter. 

3D Models:

  • The bun (only have to do the head since the camera will be placed behind it)
  • Human like thing to show approaching shadow OR some hands
  • Backyardrd stuff
    • Flowe Pots
    • Table
    • Lounge Chairs
    • A shed (?)
    • Some Boxes
    • etc.


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sounds amazing