Week 5: Progress on midterm

This week for the prototype I worked on cleaning things up; getting rid of excess lines of script or scripts that I was no longer going to use in the final product. Overall, making what I had made last week the final version of what it should be. I added a victory condition and the last mechanic I wanted to implement (which is the bun being able to run faster when on grass over concrete/stone). 

I started making some models for the area, but have not finalized what the backyard will look like in the game, since I think that will be highly influenced by what I model and how. 

After last week’s critique I got a little bit carried away attempting to make a ‘me’ character look somewhat human, quickly discovering it was going to be much more work than I expected and also would not look very nice or human at all. I’ll keep working on it this week after the substance painter lesson to see if that helps, and if not I’m going to have to find an alternate solution to represent me. Perhaps just hands since that would be what the bun would see from its angle. 


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🐇 good job!