Week1: The Door Problem



which sounds like the best job to you?

Most of the descriptions towards the top really called out to me; Designer, Concept Artist, Animator, Environment Artist, etc. 


which sounds like the worst?

Core Engine Programmer sounds like a headache to me. Attempting to make the code ‘elegant’ or more efficient seems like it involves a lot of deciding what stays, what goes, and how. Not only do you need to know the most you can about what you and other people have written and what it was written on, you have to figure out workarounds to make it smaller than competent people have already gotten it to be. 


which sounds the weirdest?

Community Manager would have to be my choice for this, probably because I don’t know enough about the job, but for now because it seems like it would be something that could be done by Public Relations. 


how is game development different from game design?

My quick breakdown of it is that design is the ideation of what a game will be and how it will be played, while development is taking what has been agreed upon and physicalizing it.  

I also think the design aspect is present during the development phase since we always have to refer back to game design’s principles and decision-making. 


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good answers!