Week3: Software Architecture


What is Software Architecture? 

Most of the descriptions towards the top really called out to me; Designer, Concept Artist, Animator, Environment Artist, etc. 
Software architecture is the organization of your code. Games in unity can benefit greatly from good architecture because it will make the game easier to understand for other people as well as yourself as you work on it. It also makes it easier to debug scripts or other problems since you have a cleaner connection between the aspects in your game


What is the primary  goal of prototyping?

The primary goal when prototyping is just to get the game working. The problem with this is that often, after finding a solution to a problem, the script is left alone until another problem comes along. Which means messy bits and roundabout code are left in instead of cleaned up.


What is decoupling?

Decoupling is making scripts independent from each other. This makes the cleanup process faster because you only have to restructure one script instead of it and everything it’s attached to. 


Present an example of your own code and explain how you could apply one of the concepts found in the chapter.

One of the most straight forward problems I can address in my code in in the mode of simplicity and cleanup. I always leave past code remnants in fear of whatever I change not working and having to revert back.


that's terrible.


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